At BlackOnyx we believe that high quality architecture and sensitive design can contribute towards and enhance both the existing and emerging built environments.

We focus on assembling a design team of highly skilled individuals within their respective fields. Together we work with the architect and design team to create truly exceptional places for people to live.

This ensures the existing residents and surrounding properties are safeguarded against unsympathetic development.


Efficiency and environmental responsibility are integral to all our projects. 

We take a fabric first approach to energy conservation, ensuring well insulated and air-tight buildings are constructed to minimise the need for gas and electricity. We then use renewable technologies, such as Solar Photovoltaics (PV) to meet and surpass local planning targets on carbon emissions.

On a wider sustainability level, we consider water conservation through our specifications, use responsibly sourced materials that have a low environmental impact, minimise surface water run-off, minimise on-site waste and create sustainable healthy spaces for the occupants.

Our policy is to ensure that there is a net biodiversity gain on all of our developments. In the event that any trees have to be removed to facilitate construction, we ensure that a minimum of two are planted for every one removed.